We have detected some incompatibilities, installation may not work as expected but you can try.
Install requires the SoapClient class.

Your hosting seems to be not compatible. Check your settings.

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Welcome to the super easy and fast installation

Open Classifieds is an open source powerful PHP classifieds script that can help you start a website and turn it into a fully customizable classifieds site within a few minutes.

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Site Language

System Check

  • Write DIR
  • images
  • themes
  • cache
  • logs
  • SYS
  • APP
  • PHP
  • mod_rewrite
  • Short Tag
  • Safe Mode
  • SPL
  • Reflection
  • Filters
  • Iconv
  • Mbstring
  • CType
  • URI
  • cUrl
  • mcrypt
  • GD
  • MySQL
  • ZipArchive
  • SoapClient

DB Configuration

Site Configuration


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