Video: 3 Secrets To Using MoviePass


Have you tried to take advantage of MoviePass’s incredibly low price to see the latest cinema releases? How did that work out for you? Many have reported issues with the popular service, but there is a way to come out ahead. Watch our exclusive video above to learn three tips that Professor MoneyTips Jeff Hoyt had to learn through (bad) experiences to ensure that you win with MoviePass.

If you want more credit to sign up for a movie or television service, check out our list of credit card offers.

There’s No Correlation Between Interest Rates And Home Sales


It just makes sense. When mortgage interest rates rise, fewer people can afford to buy homes. Home sales go down as a result. Conversely, when interest rates drop, homes become more affordable and home sales will go up.

There’s only one problem with this premise. It isn’t necessarily true.

According to Sam Khater, a deputy chief economist with CoreLogic, “the relationship is almost zero” between mortgage rates and home sales. At the very least, it’s difficult to determine the relationship because there are many other factors affecting home sales – some of which are far more likely to affect your likelihood of buying a home. Supply and demand, jobs, wages and inflation, and the availability of credit can all swamp the effect of interest rates. You can check your credit score and read your credit report for free within minutes using

How Much Does Your Dream Home Cost?


What does your dream home look like, and how much does it cost? Whether it’s a cottage on a secluded beach, a stately mansion on a hill, or something in-between, your dream home probably won’t come cheap.

Two recent surveys agree that America’s dream home is relatively expensive but differ on the actual price – along with a few other aspects of the average dream home. and Northshore Fireplace each polled 2,000 Americans to determine what constitutes a dream home. found the average dream home costs an estimated $879,000, while Northshore Fireplace came in at $1.3 million. Both are well beyond Zillow’s April 2018 median home value of $215,600.

What will you find in your $879,000 dream home as defined by the survey? You’ll get a beach house – or at least beach-house décor – with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, hardwood floors, and an open kitchen. Other features include a deck, spacious walk-in closet, two-door garage…

Keep Your Data Off The Dark Web


Be Afraid of the Dark

Is your credit card information floating around the dark web, waiting to be sold to an enterprising criminal? That’s increasingly likely. According to the cybersecurity research group IntSights, black-market credit card information for sale has increased by almost 150% over the last 18 months – surpassing 4,000 credit cards per bank.

To limit the chances of your data reaching the dark web, you must take a three-pronged approach – protect your data on a personal level, limit the number of places that your information is stored, and use secure, encrypted transfer methods whenever possible. You should also monitor your accounts for any sign of identity theft or fraudulent charges in case your measures fail.

Don’t Be Fooled

IntSights finds that so much credit card data is available on the b…

Worst States For Cybersecurity


Your data is under constant attack from hackers. Unless you take steps to protect your personal and account information, you’re at a high risk for identity theft – and the residents of some states are less vigilant than others when it comes to cybersecurity.

A survey conducted by cybersecurity company Webroot and the Ponemon Institute found that Floridians are the least protective of their security. Sunshine State residents scored a -6.29 on the Cybersecurity Index – an average of survey results that assigns point levels to specific behaviors. Good security practices like the use of anti-virus software and regular updates earn positive points, while poor practices like sharing passwords and use of unsecure public wireless connections subtract points.

The rest of the ten worst states for cybersecurity practices are Wyoming (-5.55), Montana (-4.28), New Mexico (-3.78), I…

Can An Identity Thief Change Your Home Address?


You’ve probably moved at least once in your life and had to fill out the Change of Address form at the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). The USPS makes it easy to change your address or temporarily forward mail to a different address. Forms are available at your local post office, or you can make the necessary changes online.

Maybe it’s too easy.

Identity thieves can potentially redirect your mail by filling out a change of address form in your name. If they succeed, they can receive bills, bank statements, and other mail with sensitive information. That information can then be used to open new credit accounts in your name and drain existing ones. Identity thieves who already have your information may use a change of address form to divert bills from fraudulent accounts away from your address.

The USPS requires a valid credit or debit card as an ide…

2 In 5 Believe Age Affects Credit Score


Do you look at your credit score as a mysterious number that rises and falls for no good reason? Do you look at your credit score as an asset to be managed? Do you look at your credit score at all?

The annual credit score survey from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and VantageScore Solutions shows that more Americans are checking their credit score (57% in 2018 versus 49% in 2014), and consumers who obtained their scores have greater knowledge about credit scores in general.

Most survey respondents understood that missed payments, large credit card balances, and bankruptcies factor into a credit score – but around 40% of respondents incorrectly assumed that age or marital status were also credit score factors. Even more respondents …

20 Best & Worst Cities To Live In When You’re In Debt


If you’re deep in debt and struggling to climb out of it, life can be difficult regardless of where you live. However, your location can either make your situation more tolerable or increase your misery.

Student Loan Hero compiled the twenty cities on both ends of the debt tolerance spectrum by analyzing average wages, taxes, cost of living, unemployment rate, and average credit score. You can check your credit score and read your credit report for free within minutes using Credit Manager by MoneyTips. Cities were ranked by the calculated average disposable income of its residents.

Says Elyssa Kirkham, Financial Expert at Student Loan Hero “In the best cities, re…

Credit Card Hardship Programs 101


You are at your wit’s end. You were already in debt and struggling to make ends meet. Bills were piling up. Now you have suffered a large financial setback that threatens to push you over the edge. How can you possibly pay your credit card bills?

Before considering drastic moves like allowing accounts to go delinquent or declaring bankruptcy, check with your credit card issuer to see if they offer a hardship program. Credit card companies would prefer that you avoid delinquency and may be willing to give up something in the process.

Of course, to qualify for a credit card hardship program, you must have an actual hardship. “I spent way more than I should have” is not a hardship – that’s just bad judgment. A hardship refers to a significant, unexpected, and generally short-term situation that makes it nearly impossible for you to meet your financial obligations. Suitable examples include a sudden job loss or an unplanned medical situation.

Look for infor…